Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Prey Planet H'Rus

The terse encrypted warning came from one of the picket patrols
To: HEF Command
From: ST-P2.
Message: Tyrannid troop movements detected in our sector. Co-ordinates are being transmitted via secure channel.

The reposnse was equally brief.
To: ST-P2
From: HEF Command
Message: Understood. Shadow enemy forces, do not engage. Repeat: do not engage. Independant direct action will be taken.

Shas'O Tyrnax considered his options. This will need more than a simple patrol...

As the picket patrol made its careful progress through the greats forrests of the easter continent, The firewarriors of ST-2P, gazed with renewed attention into the foliage surrounding them. Completely unaware the forrest was staring back. A lictor had picked up on the path of firewarriors shortly after the patrol-in-force had left the FOB. It observed their movement carefully, following its genetic programming, instinctively marking an invisible trail for others of the hive to find. Soon it would be feeding time.....

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