Friday, 1 May 2009

Battle Log 01/05/09

Two new games played last night outside of the H'rus campaign. Both using the H'rus campaign 1000Point Infiltrator army of Genestaelers and Lictors.

The First was against Space Marines: Dawn of War; Annihilation; 1000pts.
When the armies first went down I thought I was a gonner, then when the brood lord and retinue got caught out in the open after a failed charge after infiltration I thought that was definiately it. However My opponent, PR proved to be almost as bad as me with rolls and killed a single Stealer with bolter; heavy bolter and Frag Missles from two full squads!
Next turn the BL ploughed through the first squad and even managed to hide in the combat through his turn and allowed be to charge on the subsequent turn. Things really started to look like they were going my way. Alas by the time the smoke cleared in the 6th turn PR had won by one kill point. Best sort of game Fast! Furious! Fun! and Friendly!

Game two was Eldar: Dawn of War; Capture and control; 1000pts. I was on even less happy ground facing this army. All motorised, against a veteran beardyhead player. I took the first round of shooting on the chin with a blade storm accounting for 5 of my Brood lord retinue before they even moved. However Infiltration and charge worked well and the BL was in close assault by turn 1, assaulting the Dire Avengers over a barrier of pipes. I was expecting to go last (No flesh hooks) but imagine my surprise when I went simultaneously with his exarches! Then he revealed the shimmer sheild dropping all of my models attacks by one! Quite a rude shock all round. Still the Brood lord held out for long enough to let another squad get close enough to join the fight. Two lictors joined the same fight and both died in the first round of combat. That armour 5 thing on lictors just bites!
Still the BL eventually wiped out the Dire Avengers and the bikes that caqme to help. I swung the army around and fled back to the VP locations in turn 4 collecting and exploding a wave serpent along the way. The fire dragons the
Wave serpent was carrying tumbled from the wreckage and took a fierce revenge on one of the 'stealer squads that had slotted their ride. Then the inevidable happened and they wnt down under a wall of Chittin. I consolidated onto the VPs on turn 5 and the game ended! I am sure another turn and I would have been annihilated by his remaining Falcon and Vypers!

So two games one loss and one win. Not a bad evenings work for a board with little or no area terrain on it.

Lesson one is to get rid of the implant attacks
Lesson two is consider replacing one of the scything tallon squads with another toxin sac squad. These seem to be more effective, although the opposition always seem to be more scared of the ST models.

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