Saturday, 30 May 2009

Battle log 29/05/09

Game in the H'Russ campaign last night vs the Eldar. The game started badly with me Loosing deployment and initiative roll. The game was spearhead; Annihilation; 1750 pts.

Biel Tan deployed first and chose to set up quite close to the deployment line. I was put into a corner with not much cover and forced to endure a round of shooting From the Biel Tan.

I was very surprised when a unit of guardians actually moved towards me. I lost Lost 11 Gaunts in the first round off shooting! and a wound off of the leaping warriors, before the wall of Chittin began to roll forward. I thought it would be much worse than that.
Geiger continued its advance before the shooting phase began
I blew a Bright lance off a tank with a Venom Cannon from the Gunfex and killed a few guardians and a Death Jester with shooting. The Venom cannon continued to do its job throughout the game stunning vehicles.

Leaping Warriors had a target in the first round and charged the Guardians who had moved closer earlier, anihilating then in a sigle round of combat. My turn ended with only a few dead on either side.

Turn two fire concentrated on the stealers and gaunts again wiping out the remainders of two gaunt screens and leaving the last one with a single model.

Counter charges from Banshees into the leaping warriors didn't go well for either side with the Warriors going down in droves but punnishing the banshees in return.

Turn three was really the endgame as the Hive Splinter Geiger Assault line reached the Eldar lines.

In one turn the Eldar line dissapeared:
On the nid Left, the Fire Dragons and Shining Spears were both massacred by the Brood Lord and retinue, In the center One of the wave serpents was destroyed by the Assault Fex; and the other stunned again; on the right a mob of genestealers contacted a the remaining guardian
squad and the Death jesters, anihilating all but one Death Jester.

Shooting from the GunFex'es consort Warriors demolished half of the Dire Avengers unit.
Fourth turn for the Eldar was quick as there was not much left.

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